Soothing the Savage Beast

When not writing and recording with a specific goal in my mind, I admit that my musical attention span can be rather short. So while I'd love to be able to crank out hit songs on my own, I tend to be more successful at working over someone else's creations, or undertaking short-lived tasks—music that I can use to soothe my son, or singly (and strongly) theme short clips (jingles, if I'm really honest with myself). That's alright—a man has to know his limitations—but it doesn't keep me trying to improve.

My foremost musical outlet is the weekly worship leadership of Providence Baptist Church in my hometown of Harrisburg, NC. As time allows, I'm also involved in a sort of remote collaboration with my friend Christopher Bunn, a studio-only entity named Riverode. In both of these capacities, I (and others) have the great fortune of being joined by my wife's lovely vocal talents.

Other projects with which I have been associated in the past include the Chicago-area modern rock band Autumn War (with Chris Bunn, Jon Reich, and John Blum), my old two-man acoustic pop outfit, Phobic (with friend Shep Kendall), and some guest musician work for the independent acts Ängst and Tempestuous All. I've also had the pleasure of logging some performances with Chicago's About Face Theatre company, fallout from some of the work I've done with Chicago theatre sound designers Ben Sussman and Andre Pluess.

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